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Help for Couples

Where you are now

Your relationship is so much more than the difficulties you may be experiencing right now. You have a shared history, and you know you can have a bright future.

Let me help you get there.

Couples come to see me for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are looking to fight less, hurt each other less, recover from infidelity, or from past hurts. Sometimes they just want to understand each other better, feel closer or feel like best friends again.

In therapy, we will look at your history as a couple and your individual histories. You will gain insight into what got you to where you are now. You will come to understand your role in your negative (and positive) relationship patterns and your role in making things better.

Young couple having marriage counseling
Improve Relationship Outside the Office

Perhaps most importantly, you will learn and practice new skills that will improve your relationship long after you leave my office. These are skills that will help you communicate more effectively for a lifetime.